Todo Light Improvement

published on 2022-01-28

In my blog post A Simple Way to Build Collaborative Web Apps, I built a demo using the awesome Replicache in-browser database. At the end of that post, I mentioned that Replicache at that time has two modes: memory and persistent, controlled by the useMemstore parameter. The persistent mode is not fast enough to support quick user interactions, such as drag and drop in Todo Light. As a result, I chose to use the memory mode for faster interactions, giving up on persistence.

The good news is that the Replicache team just released a beta version which implements a unified storage model. To quote the release note, "it's as fast than the old memory mode, but also persists every few seconds to storage so that data can be reused across instances.". You can read the detailed release note here.

I've upgraded Todo Light to the new version and it works smoothly. The upgrade process is effortless. Kudos to the Replicache team for keep making this already amazing software better.